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Prusa Mk2 Major Jam up due to broken Hot End Fan wire

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  • Prusa Mk2 Major Jam up due to broken Hot End Fan wire

    OK I went to help Mike do a 3D print tonight and we had problems with filament not extruding... so checked through the steps.

    1. Checked active bowden tube - all good.
    2. Pulled off the "manifold" where the 4 tubes converge to 1 - Aha! There was a piece of yellow filament stuck inside of one of the bowden tubes and going into the hot end. Gave it a tug and its jammed up good.
    3. Started to take apart the top end of the hot end, and after some reading found that jams can happen in the teflon tube on top of the hot end. This can be removed by pressing down on a little black plastic ring and extracting the white tube like in the photos. There was a big mushroom head jam up.
    Click image for larger version

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    But wait there's more, inside the actual hot end was a whole bunch of plastic, which I could only get to by removing the nozzle and hot end and then clearing it out with a small drill bit and removing that little black plastic ring - which is actually a clip. So the jam has been cleared.

    Click image for larger version

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    BUT while working we noticed that the little fan at the hot end kept kicking on and off, and after pulling out the hot end noticed a wire had come dislodged.
    Mike is trying to re-solder that wire in, to which I wish him luck

    Click image for larger version

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    The fan failing seems to be the root cause of the jam up, by letting the filament in the hotend melt there rather than just at the nozzle.
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    This might be the fan we need here:


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      managed get at the solder connections on the fan, and soldered the wire back on, then put it back on...tried preheating...and the fan did not kick in...not sure if it only kicks in when printing or could be the fan needs to be replaced...could be the that the little collet thing that flew away durring disassembly is essential for the fan to run? anyway...would be cool if someone else can look at it, to confirm its state...
      thanks to Garret for getting the nozzle unclogged...


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        Synchro can you flip the indicator to red then? Put a note on the machine.
        if someone puts filament in without that fan going its going to make a big messy jam all over again.


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          I think this is what we're looking for. Any objection to rolling the Prusa back to single material?
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          • Garret H
            Garret H commented
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            Thats only a 2 bolt flange, its quite different too with side air draw and not direct thru. The fan needs to push air over the hot end, not suck. Not sure the direction of that one?

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          I ordered two of these fans:

          They will be here March 11, that was the best delivery date I could find.


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            awesome, was just about to look into ordering, thanks for this Garret


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              Any objection to rolling the Prusa back to single material?
              Currently the feed motor for channel 1 is apparently malfunctioning and feed line 4's bushing has broken. I think it should be safe to return it to single feed until these two major problems are addressed.


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                I recieved the new fans, will drop them off in the morning. I have a suspicion that I went and ordered the wrong size in my rush. Whatevs we can mount with zip ties until I get the right one.


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                  Yep the fans are too large. I should have gotten 30x30x10mm fans. I'll get the correct ones on the way ASAP.

                  in the meanwhile it should be possible to hack these in place by slotting out thet top corner bolt hole a little and notching the housing to clear the part fan duct.

                  I ordered the right one:

                  BUT it won't be here until later March or early April.

                  I can find time to hack the temporary fan, maybe, next week.
                  If anyone takes a swing at it, makes sure nothing protrudes past where the original fan was or else it will collide with the Z-axis screws. Strapping it to the side won't work, it needs to stay within the original 10mm thickness.
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                    noticed the required fan sitting on the hack table attached to another extruder end...this fan had a connector on it...happened to have the female end...removed the broken fan and spliced the connector in with some solder and shrink tube...plugged the fan in, and tested works...tested printing with a small technicolor triangle, seemed to print i should note that because i failed to put a note on the printer it was used without the fan working, and that print seemed to look ok when i saw it before it was interrupted...anywho, the fan is working now and it seems to be printing...can look into the multi filament stuff at another point, i used/tested tube #2, pretty sure Garret, cleared an end from tube 1...not sure about the other 2...guess the next step is to test em...
                    for another time...
                    for now i think we can say it is back in operation i guess...

                    hope this is cool that i grabbed the fan from the extruder sitting on the table, can easily undo if needed...the fan has a connector on it now...