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FIXED: Mk2 Blowing F2 Fuses (Damaged wire grounding)

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  • FIXED: Mk2 Blowing F2 Fuses (Damaged wire grounding)

    We have blown 2 different fuses in the past few days in the printer.

    Its been the 5 amp F2 fuse both times for the following items:
    Thermistors for Hotend & Heatbed, Print fan & Hotend fan, LCD, hotend heater

    About the fuses here:

    Something to keep an eye on after the hotend temperature problems we've had recently. After a quick search I can't find anything that suggests this is part of a bigger problem.

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    Cole S and I tracked this problem down to a damaged thermistor wire that was grounding on the lead screws when the printer was all the way over on the x-axis at the start of prints.