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Prusa Mk2 ongoing issues

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  • Prusa Mk2 ongoing issues

    The Mk2 prusa has seen better days.
    We are all in agreement that switching it back to single extruder is the best way to go.

    Synchro noted that the x-axis limit switch might be an optical sensor and is getting thrown off by the LEDs above?

    Lately a lot of prints have had patchy layering, almost sponge like at times. This could be an issue of under extrusion, see here:
    I should note that I have experienced this on g-code and materials that were fine a few months ago.
    Descriptions of other common print problems are here:

    We should try and do some real maintenance on that thing instead of just trying to put out fires as they pop up. Anyone who wants to jump om this has my blessing
    If you need parts email me at
    I will have them ordered ASAP