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PLA order - anyone want PLA ordered for them?

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  • PLA order - anyone want PLA ordered for them?

    I am ordering PLA soon for a run I have coming up.

    Does anyone else need PLA? $25/roll for most colours.

    Does the hackroom need some consumables MIPS Garret H ColeVD ? I can order and the Space can reimburse me?

    I am ordering Chainmaildave one 1kg roll of ivory 1.75mm


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    Thanks Vaughn, I noticed we had been running low on some.
    A good healthy variety of colors for the membership to play with is my suggestion. I haven't really taken stock but I think we should aim to have these on hand:
    • Silver
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Purple
    • Black
    Some PETG in Makerspace Orange and Black would be good for internal projects where we want something a little less prone to warping under heat and generally less brittle than PLA.

    This guide should come in handy for folks: