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  • 3D Printer Enclosure

    I am inthe process of building an enclosure for the Prusa to aid in printing ABS and other materials without warping. The design for it was taken from here

    And all the STL files for it can be found here:

    As of today the majority of the parts for the enclosure have been printed, the plexiglass is bought and will be cut soon, and an old cart that will hold the printer has been modified to fit the filament reels and painted up to look clean and shiny. A 4" tall spacer has also been added to the design to provide clearance around the filament feed tubes for the Multi Material extruder heads.
    Everything on the enclosure itself will be on brand in Makerspace Orange and Black.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	59.6 KB ID:	189

    Next up to complete this enclosure a few tasks remain:
    - Reprint the upper leg attachments. These weren't very durable as printed, new prints with thicker walls will be completed as soon as new orange filament arrives.
    - The cart will have filament guide sleeves attached to it.
    - LED lighting is to be installed to the inside of the enclosure.
    - The Power Supply Unit will be removed from the printer and installed on the cart. This keeps the PSU cool and happy.

    Then later, as an additional project an operating computer will be mounted integrated to the cart so that all work in Slic3r can be performed directly beside the printer. This will need a swingarm mounted monitor.

    I've got a model in Fusion 360 that I've been working on, it's still in progress but if interested check it out/download it from this link:

    Click image for larger version

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    So close now. Needs a little squaring up before attaching the mounting points and then some work on filament guide tubes and remounting the PSU.


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      Good work Buddy! I haven't decided if I should make one.


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        Garrett have you considered a way to keep the filament rolls from jumping off the rollers? I find the rolls of filament will sometimes lift rather than unroll.


        • Garret H
          Garret H commented
          Editing a comment
          I haven't put much thought into that yet. The 1st shelf will just barrrrrrely fit 4 spools and guides side by side, and you hve to pull the whole spool guide out to have enough height to fit an new spool. So this will hold them captive at the least, although if they lift some wedging could occur.

          My plan was to use some small diameter pex pipe (chamfered at each end) inserted into some holes on the top of the cart. This will also prevent filament snagging on the power cable wrap. I could run these guide pipes in such a way that filament feeds off a nearly empty roll downward rather than upwards, thereby putting pressure on the spool where it meets the roll. Since pex is both cheap and malleable it's something that will be easy to experiment with.

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        I put a face with pulls on the drawer tonight.
        hey ron_ron got some LED lighting for this cabinet? I see the specs above include it, but I am not sure where it goes?


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          Vaughn I will have to gave a look! I am sure I can work some magic.


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            They show LED strips in the guide:
            Something like this:

            Or tie it directly into the printers power supply, which is 12 volt.


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              Garret H Yes we can do that, but I think Vaughn wants me to add some spice and life to it. Just to add the Ron_Ron touch to make this project alive.


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                Sweet! Light it up and get it rad!


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                  ron_ron the lights are to go on the underside of the enclosure lid (the ikea table) like this photo. There are wire clips sitting in a plastic bag that I printed out for mounting.


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                    The printer enclosure is built and keeping the printer nice and toasty!
                    Thanks everyone for all your help on this: Vaughn Grant Fraser ron_ron

                    Testing out an ABS print of Grant's last night and the enclosure kept the the print area above ambient temperature and draft free.
                    The power supply is nicely tucked out of the way on the side of the cart, and kept out of the warmer area.

                    A few small tweaks remain:
                    1. The power cable to the PSU is pretty tight, some modifications to the cart or extension of the cable will be needed.
                    2. Filament guide tubes seem to be working really well so far, but some standoff brackets are needed on the lower cart shelf to help keep them aligned. Only 2 guides were installed so far, with 2 more to come. I'll have to buy some more PEX to finish.
                    3. Lighting on the inside of the enclosure still needs to be installed. This lighting will need to be easily unplugged/unhooked from whichever power source is used since it will be mounted to the underside of the enclosure lid and the entire enclosure can be lifted off for printer service.

                    Ron, thanks for your work fixing the LED light cable, unfortunately I hit a SNAFU. I'd tried to unscrew the threaded attachment to make rerouting easier, not realizing that this was now intended to be a permanent connection. That totally blew apart the connection and in my attempts to repair it couldn't get the lights to work.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Garret H My plan is to use automotive LED strips, and maybe use a dimmer to go with it. I also plan to light up the shelves with RGB.


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                        Now that the printer is sheltered from drafts the odour from printing ABS is more noticeable. I would recommend putting in a small charcoal filter. A smokeless ashtray would be about the right size and comes premade.


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                          Grant Fraser Yes a filter should be added to it. Jason H has been talking about this also and using a fan and HEPA filter to clear the air before it gets opened.

                          ron_ron That lighting looks amazing!!!! Thanks for getting that done!


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                            Here is the latest research study that kicked off the conversations about HEPA filtering the enclosure.
                            Worth the read!