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    Added the last pair of 1/4" PEX tube guides, and standoff brackets for them that holds everything in place. Loading filament should be a lot easier now.

    Click image for larger version

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    I've attached the STL files for the brackets I drew up so if one ever breaks they can be replaced easily.

    .....and that's a wrap on this project! Pleased with how everything has turned out, seems like people are getting a lot less failed prints even with PLA.

    Up next is a filter?
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      DarrenAndSherry had a print fail tonight... after 9 hours. I didn't find how it failed but there was definitely a jam in the extruder that I cleared.

      From what other people who found it printing air one of the spools was partly sideways and seemed to be jammed.

      I've taken the Prusa guides off the spool holders, it seems like the guide brackets I put in are good enough and using both causes a bit of binding. We'll try that for a while and see if there are any issues.

      Also, to keep the spools centered and square all four spool black trays should always be kept in place. Keeps everything wedged in there nice and tight.


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        Synchro and I found a fan and ducting in the electronics room that could be used to clear fumes...


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          I was not aware that the enclosure needed ventilation for fumes. That seems like it would just being back delamination issues.
          Is it also at all possible to lower the spool shelf another inch or two? The problem with spools tilting sideways and becoming jammed (or just being hard in general to load a spool in the roller trays in general) has been an ongoing problem.


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            I would suggest only using the fan before opening the door, if that fan is suitable. Its just an idea.

            The shelf can be lowered, it's a PITA but possible.