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Looking to learn how to 3d print

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  • Looking to learn how to 3d print

    Hello folks,

    I'm interested in learning how to 3d print.
    I have a specific project.

    An old art deco chandelier that needs slip shades. Manage to get my hands on 1 shade and get 3d scan of the shade.
    The person who scanned it did me also printed a test sample. Pics attached.
    I don't yet have the .STL file. Shade is roughly 9 inches long.
    Can one of the makerspace printers handle that size?

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    Pics attached, I think.
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      Hey Les we have a few different printers at the space. I am pretty sure both the Prusa's have a 9.84" x 8.3" print bed so that part should fit, even if it was a bit too long it could be probably printed at an angle since it looks pretty narrow. Aaron has another 3D printer he keeps at the space that has an even larger print bed too.

      If you can't get the STL file of the print made before but are able to get the scan someone could probably work with it. I haven't done a scan to STL before so I could try it for the sake of learning. I'll be away for a week though. We don't have a 3D scanner at the space unfortunately, and would definitely need a scan of an object like that to do anything with it.


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        Thanks Garret H !
        Could we set up a time to chat about the project at the makerspace?
        I can get the .STL file. Pretty sure that was the file he used to print the sample. Not sure what he did for the print though. Sample is printed as a double wall. Not solid.
        I will probably need to order some transparent filament. We can chat about what the printers can handle so I get the right stuff.

        I'm not very well versed in all the tech issues, but very keen to learn what I can.


        • Garret H
          Garret H commented
          Editing a comment
          Yeah I am back in town on the 27th, remind me to check in after that if you don't get help from anyone else first.

          I am not sure if any translucent filament is kicking around but we use 1.75mm diameter filament. If you are planning to use incandescent bulbs I would consider something other than PLA, it might get too soft at the temperature as a light shade , but that's just a guess.

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        Hey all, I've been hoping to help out Les with this project but haven't had any time with my current work schedule.

        If anyone else can give him a hand it would really be appreciated!