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Need help Identifying Mystery 3D Printer in Hack Space

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  • Need help Identifying Mystery 3D Printer in Hack Space

    There is a totally disassembled 3D printer in a clear tub above the perfectly working and assembled Prusa.
    What is it? I seem to remember it being a Lulzbot. Is that true? What model is it?

    What was wrong with it (other than being completely disassembled) ?

    It might be time to resurrect this printer! (We have the technology. We can rebuild it ! ...and it won't cost 6 million dollars ;-)


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    Tony says its an Athena (Oneup!) with a smoothieboard. There may be some info in the makerspace github.
    The old forum back up archive should have info.

    "Getting it running is doable, but once it’s running they probably want to replace the printhead assembly altogether"

    EDIT: on searching it looks more like an UP like this fella here:
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      Hey Jason, Nicholas Adams knows all about the UP printer and smoothy board.


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        Jason H over on the Makerspace GitHub is some information on the UP printer and modifications that were done to it: