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Prusa Mk2 MMU Nozzle Change to 0.6mm

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  • Prusa Mk2 MMU Nozzle Change to 0.6mm

    I am planning on swapping nozzles on the Mk2 in the next few days to use a wider nozzle. Right now it prints with a 0.4mm diameter nozzle, I'd like to put in a 0.6mm and leave it that way.

    Here is a Prusa write up on the differences:

    The idea is to use the Mk2 for large scale prints that don't need as much fine detail, then keep the Mk3 for printing objects with fine detail.

    The reasons are this:
    • The Mk2's MMU head leaves gross stringing on parts. Its avoidable with the right settings or different materials but would be better to avoid completely.
    • The Mk3 can print fine detailed parts much faster anyway.
    • If anyone wants to do multiple materials, its much faster to lay down wider/taller filament of each material
    • With two different machines we can really streamline our use of the printers to get the best of both worlds - one for big and fast, one for small/medium and detail.
    • Supposedly the maximum speed of laying down filament gets limited by the extruder and heating element, so the Mk2 and Mk3 have the same max speeds to spew filament.... but I can't find the source where I first found that.
    This will probably take a few tries to get the speed and filament height settings working well..

    A little more details can be found here:

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    This sounds like a great idea!

    Specialization of hardware is a good optimization.

    I'm looking forward to printing a miniature model and need an insane amount of resolution on a tiny print. I think the MK3 will do a decent job...



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      This is a double post on speeds, it was specific to the Mk3, but relates to the Mk2s.
      It might even be the same, because this max relates to the hotend of the printer - the E3D V6.... I'll have to check and confirm that. At least the Mk2 that is for sale now has that hot end, as for ours...

      Ok, FINALLY I have found a good resource on print head speed vs nozzle size, extrusion width + height. So much information out there that is pure hand waving an BS.

      For the Mk3 figuring out how fast the print head can move is limited by volumetric flow through the hot end, and goes as follows for PLA:
      Max. Speed = 11.5 mm3/s / (Extrusion Width X Layer Height)

      If you try and go much faster the plastic no melty.

      There is a handy chart in that link with all the different max speeds based on nozzle size & layer heights.

      You can even use autospeed settings, but there is conflicting info on whether or not to do that:


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        That's an excellent article !!! Thanks Garret !
        If you REALLY want to go FAST you need to check out this filament...

        Tiamet3D UltraDiamond
        This is a PLA mixed with diamond nano particles !!! The diamonds conduct heat really well and allow the filament to melt fast enough to print at OVER 500mm/s !!!!
        The MK2 can only move at a max rate of 100mm/s and the MK3 can only move at 200mm/s. With this filament you can literally print at the maximum move speed of the printer !!!

        Check it out here:

        I (of course) recommend ordering some for the space :-)



        • Garret H
          Garret H commented
          Editing a comment
          Jason! great to hear from you, haven't seen you around the space for a while, but maybe that's just bad timing on my part.

          I wonder if the heater could actually keep up though? 59 Euro for 1kg + 15 Euro for shipping = $89 CAD + $22 CAD
          Not cheap! Interestingly this one source I found claims higher tensile strength for good ole PLA.

          Of course the real test would be tensile strength perpendicular to the layers, I wonder if the high thermal conductivity would help make stronger bonds between the layers?
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        Its turbo time!

        Alright I swapped a 0.6mm nozzle into the Mk3 (the Mk2 was busy) and tried out some printing at 0.48mm layer height.
        Prints are stupid fast, here is an object after 50 minutes.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	received_302725750597745.jpeg
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        I tried experimenting with some different settings I downloaded, and they weren't working.
        What I did was brutally simple.
        1. I set the printer to the Original Prusa i3 Mk3 0.6 nozzle option
        2. I selected the 0.2 FAST 0.6 Nozzle Mk3 print setting
        3. Then I went to the print settings tab and set layer height to 0.48
        I ran the gccode, the Prusa was happy, I was happy. Sweet.
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