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  • CoK Social Planning Grant

    So, the city of Kamloops Social Planning grant is out for applications until Monday Nov 19 at 8 am (lets call it the 18th). Anyone interested in helping with an application please chime in here.

    In previous years, groups having already received funding through the program were not eligible to apply again. I can't see this in the application guide this year, but have only had a quick look so far and would welcome more eyes on the document.

    I mentioned to Vaughn that I feel like a digital design station, and possibly VR/3d sculpting equipment would be a great addition to the capacity at the space. I think that depending on how we offered up access to this equipment, there are a few different ways that the idea could fall in line with the CoK social plan (links in PDF above), which is the criteria for awarding the grant.

    Any comments/questions/alternative proposals are welcome!

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    I'll comment on the digital design station:
    This would complement existing tools at the space quite well, escpecially with 3D Scanning.

    3D scanners can add a lot to our capacity, say you want to add something new on to something existing. Be it a bracket that fixes an appliance or a hat for a cosplay costume custom fit to your head. Scan it, design the new item, then use combinations of the above machines to build it. The tools to do so are getting better everyday, and really presenting new opportunities in manufacturing that haven't existed at such an accessible level in the past.
    There's value here both in engineering/manufacturing and arts.

    I don't know of anyone offering this service, and I think it is an area that the community would benefit from by developing the skill set.
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      I think we are a lot more likely to get a sweet station and some decent gear funded if we rolled up a package and kicked in a bit of funding from the NSERC PromoScience funds to match whatever we are asking from the city. Most granting agencies love to pay for a smaller fraction of more projects rather than funding a couple expensive ones and highly value "leveraged funds". If we can get a budget together ASAP I have a few potential sponsors in mind that I would be happy to approach to see if they would match funds as well.

      ColeVD can you comment about VR/3d sculpting gear?

      blake_w do you have the specs for the 3d design station you built with your school club?


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        Moderator's note: this thread has been forked so that a larger thread discussing ideas and concepts of a digital design studio can continue as a more open conversation, while this one can focus on this particular grant.

        The new thread can be found here: https://community.kamloopsmakerspace...-station-ideas
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