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    Instagram would be an excellent way to promote Makerspace. I'd be happy to set up an account if there's a general agreement. It looks like anyone who is admin on facebook page can also post on the instagram account, given the login information. Sound good?

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    An Instagram account would be great, it's a popular platform and works well for showing off projects. I think the work promoting Makerspace on Facebook that Vaughn has been doing has paid off really well, and increasing our reach would be awesome.

    To make it easier to manage, I think we should get set up with a hootsuite account ASAP, its free for limited use, but would let someone post to Facebook Twitter and Instagram all at once.

    If we wanted to post more there is a 50% discount on the professional version for nonprofits:


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      I've been looking at these tools for work as well, hootsuite looks like the best option if you are willing to pay a bit and want to have multiple users able to access it. I think it would be great to see. ENTS uses another tool, I forget the name but just sent an email to find out. I think they are quite limited by how many people can access the account though.

      There are two major benefits for these tools 1) coordinated posting across multiple platforms and 2) scheduled posts. Analytics are great as well, but take a bit of time and effort to make real use of. For a huge corporation, they are a big deal, if we got some it would just be gravy.

      Coordinated posting means you post to one spot, and it automatically flogs out the same content onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, pinterest, whatever else. This is great for expanding the reach of each post and also presents a fairly professional looking online presence.

      Scheduled posts are also great, you can sit down ahead of time and do a massive batch, and then they will drop on a regular basis at the times that people are most likely to see them.

      I think that investing in one of these tools is a great idea, and if we were willing to sit down and lay out some guidelines for how we plan to collaborate in using them, then the expense of something that allows multiple users is totally justified.