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Froggy Mill Taken Home for now.

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  • Froggy Mill Taken Home for now.

    I have a number of projects that my daughter really wants to do, and we can't make it work at the space, we are both just too busy and haven't been able to get down there even once this year.. Unfortunately, that means that I need to relocate the Froggy Mill back to my workshop for the near future. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I don't have much time left where my daughters still want to actually hang out with their Dad and I want to make the most of this time. I truly appreciate all of the help and support that everyone at the Makerspace has provided in getting the Mill up and running and I was happy to leave it there for the past several years. I will continue to help to support the Makerspace whenever and wherever I can, and expect to bring the machine back at some point when I no longer need it at home. If anyone has any projects that they have been preparing for or would like to run on the machine, I am more than happy to allow access at my home to run them. I live in Batchelor Heights. Send me a message at and we'll work out the details. Thanks for your understanding.

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    Thanks for the heads up Froggy. IT was a great learning experience for us all.
    We should be able to work without the mill for a while now that we have the larger CNC bed upstairs in the woodshop working again and the other mill in the fab shop should be up in the near future.


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      Thank you for allowing us to use your machine for the past few years. I had recently done some work with 3D milling on that, if you would like some info on it I would be happy to share.


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        FYI, I found the manual for the mill by the thermoforming center. The binder should be on top of it right now.