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    Hey all, I wanted to create a thread for discussing the current state of this router and anything still required to get it dialed back in.
    Jason H I am copying and quoting your post from another thread as the starting point:

    Originally posted by Jason H View Post
    I've started an initiative to upgrade the CNC router table in the woodshop.
    I fixed a bunch of goofyness (broken stuff) with the table a few months ago and setup a new PC with Ubuntu 18 and the latest version of the CNC software.
    The new software will enable TONS of small enhancements to print quality but the biggest improvement will be that it can transfer Gcode at 115230 baud rather than the current 9600 baud.
    Yes, thats **12** times faster!

    Software on PC:
    Universal Gcode Sender 1.1
    Open JDK (for UGS)
    Arduino dev software (to load arduino with GRBL code)
    GRBL code
    Firefox (just because :-)

    GRBL is on the Arduino.

    Universal Gcode Sender. -
    GRBL. -

    There are a couple data lines on the Arduino controller that need to be changed for this upgrade to work.
    Scroll down to the v0.9j notes on the github page for details.

    The PC is under the 3D printer. It is an HP and I have green tape on the SIDE of the PC with my name.

    I haven't had time to finish this upgrade. Maybe someone can carry the torch forward.


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    With lots of help from ron_ron I got the woodshop router going. Still needs a few tweaks.


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      I have successfully carved a few things on the router. Next is documentation.