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    This is a post to collect resources on CNC machining, post yours and they will all the links and descriptions will be copied into this first post:

    NYC CNC: This site has a seemingly endless amount of how to videos as well as Tool Libraries and information on Feed Speeds etc.

    Note: so far I've only attached one link, but hope to see many more.

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    Its also has an awesome youtube channel.


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      I found out this week that Inventables Easel can now import DXF files in addition to SVG. This makes workflows from AutoCAD, Corel Draw, and Fusion 360 MUCH easier.
      They also have an image trace option that I haven't tried out yet.

      I did a cut on the 3020 Froggymill last night from an imported DXF and was quite happy with it.


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        I found a really good run down on the function of post processors to take CAD generated tool paths and turn them into g-code for CNC machines.
        Learn what a Post Processor does and how it can help you to customize your posts.
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          This is a very active facebook group that posts high quality STL files
          CNC USERS' FORUM has 900 members. I have been asked to post the general rules for our groups. When you obtain one of Vitalie’s models or someone else is...