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Brother Printer in Design Lab Connected to WiFi and tested

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  • Brother Printer in Design Lab Connected to WiFi and tested

    Connected the little brother printer in the Design Lab to the 'Makerspace' Wifi Network and tested; Looks like it needs Ink and the Heads could use a cleaning. looks like ink for this printer is not too costly...found a set of 5 cartridges including colours and 2 black on ebay for just over 10 bux...if there is no ink kicking around for it and there is no budget for ink i would be down to order these up...just would need the Makerspace's Shipping address i suppose...

    please let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns regarding this...
    and here is the url for the ink, will order some up... u

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    I just have stuff shipped to my personal address then bring it with me. If that's not an option for you let me know.

    Order it up please and pester me to get reimbursed.


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      Thanks, Synchro - I am planning on re-doing the printer and scanner shelving in the D'Lab, too. Carry on, man!


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        ink came in, installed the cyan, as it was empty, others still good for now, did a test print from the printer menu, cyan looks good, found other colours to be missing segments, ran 'head cleaning' from the printer menu, did another test print, and it looks better. should be good to go for prints


        • Garret H
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          Awesome work!

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        Great Synchro ! Thanks for all your doing - let me know if you need a reimbursement