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  • Vinyl Cutter Maintenance

    I was informed last week that the vinyl cutter was again not cutting. As it turns out, the ribbon has finally managed to snag on something and ripped. I really wish we knew where the top lid went for it as I think it has a cable guide in it.

    The ribbon is a 340mm flat flex cable with five pins reverse oriented with 1mm spacing. It's a little oddball but far from the "impossible to find" a few pessimists here were telling me.
    That being said, it's not common. A suitable replacement which is 400mm long is about $35 and can only be bought in bulk packs of 100, whereas a 6 pin cable that matches the original spec is only $2. I've ordered a 6 pin and it should be here in about a month. It can be made to work by cutting one pin off each ends with a scalpel.
    In the meantime I have spliced a repair onto the old cable and reinstalled it. No idea how long it will last but it's better than the cutter not working at all.

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    Thanks John!
    Fixes like this are crucial to keeping the space up and running.