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FIXED: Roland Vinyl Cutter Down

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  • FIXED: Roland Vinyl Cutter Down

    Looks like the solenoid driver for the blade has likely given out. I did have to repair the ribbon cable to the carriage two days before it died but that does not seem to be the problem again. If you use the controls to manually raise and lower the blade you see a coil voltage change between 0.082 and 0.087v which is pretty much nothing.
    Visual inspection inside the unit found nothing burned up or damaged. The solenoid seems to be driven by a 3770A single channel stepper motor driver (datasheet). The datasheet indicates that we are receiving the +5 logic voltage and +36v motor voltage but nothing is leaving the driver. I taped my test diagram to the cutter so anyone else can verify what I measured.

    Does anyone have a spare driver ship or a Digikey account we can use to order another?

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    Hey, John ~ thanks for assessing that! I think Ill run the machine up to RTS Electronics and see if they have the gear. Need to get that machine back up asap!


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      I am being informed the driver is now in the building. I will come in on Saturday to hope my suspicion is correct.
      IF the driver is not the fault I will need assistance as beyond that the circuit starts to get pretty complicated.
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        It's around 1AM and I'm happy to say the cutter is working again.

        Vaughn bought one driver and Scorpion caught wind and supplied two as well, plus some nifty little heatsinks that I need to find adhesive to glue down.
        I have put the extra chips in a bag taped inside the cutter. The chip is now in a socket so replacement in the future doesn't require desoldering.


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          Nice work! I was wondering if you where going to install a socket. I have some thermal glue.


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            Awesome, MIPS - you're killing it. The vinyl cutter lives!
            Thank you.