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  • 3D printer donation

    Hey everyone at the Maker Space,

    I was wondering if the Space would be interested in a donation of a couple of my older printers that I don't use any more. They both do work, but require a few repairs.

    The i3 clone I believe needs a new hotend as it doesn't seem to extrude consistently. I might even have a replacement I could include.

    The Delta Go has the upgraded effector where they added a part cooling fan and new bearing-style rods. I've had a couple issues with some of the plastic pieces assembling the new rods, but I still have a couple parts left that could fix it.

    Anyways whether you wanted to try to repair these printers or just rob them for parts, let me know if there's any interest.

    Prusa i3 clone with added part cooling fan and on/off switch. Delta Go printer with upgraded effector/hotend.

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    I think the space might appreciate a few spare parts from the i3 clone as ours seems to be consistently unreliable however I wouldn't mind taking a stab at the Delta.


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      Sounds great and thanks for the offer! I think its a good donation - let me know if I can help get the stuff into the hackroom!

      Please put a piece of green tape on the machines, that says where they came from and 'HACKABLE'!

      Thank you!


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        No problem. I'm getting married in less than 3 weeks so I'm not sure when I'll stop by, but I'll let you know.


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          Okay so the chaos of my wedding is officially over, so I'm hoping to come by today to drop off the printers. I don't see the "The space is open/closed" widget anymore though so I'm not sure if someone will be there during the day or if I should wait until this evening...?


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            Awesome, we've got a meeting tonight at 6pm, if you could come by a little before that it would be perfect for myself.

            We wanted to take on a little repair work on our printers so the timing is perfect.

            If anyone else is able to be around earlier please let us know.


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              Thanks for bringing these by kylejdyck !!