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Box of Cat-5 Cable, Drills, and Drivers

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  • Box of Cat-5 Cable, Drills, and Drivers

    am just going through things trying to figure out what i should bring to Kamloops with me...have this box of Cat-5 cables, wondering if this would be a good thing to bring to the Makerspace for general member use? if not are there any members who would want to be responsible for it? also... i have these old drivers and drills that i was hoping to someday make custom Li-Ion battery packs for to bring them new life...but i am not sure if/when i will ever get around to this i am offering them up to anyone who wants them, either to revive with Lithium Ion batteries or just use the parts for another project...
    please let me know if these things would be useful around the space or if any members would be down to take em on...

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    I think those would be great for projects around here.... We're not as well organized as we could be. But I believe we have a demand for those items! thanks.


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      Kay, I am coming tomorrow and bringing these things, hope we can find a good spot for em and put em to good use.


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        Thank you very much for the donation!
        Your cat 5 and 6 cable was more than enough to replace our existing hackable stock which had run down to small and not really useful bits of cable. I helped you organize and put the rest of your donations into the assorted bins in the hackroom.