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Offer of 42" colour printer (discontinued model)

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  • Offer of 42" colour printer (discontinued model)

    Makerspacehas been offered a donation: a 42" large-format printer.

    It comes with a few printer cartridges, but will presumably need more and also print media (paper roll). Could cost a few hundred to get running. If there is interest we can check it out.

    Any feedback on this?

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    Could be useful for printing templates or promotional material, the repair cost sounds high though.


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      Apparently the machine would need servicing:

      "Yes it works, we used it to print last week. However, the printer heads likely need to be serviced, as there is a some bleeding."


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        Bleeding from the head sounds pretty serious.

        Do we have a handle on how much a 42 x 24" full colour banner would cost to print (vs source somewhere else)?



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          Stand by for incoming huge 42" printer!
          I have mulled this over and I think that it is too good a tool donation to let go by. I am willing to take responsibility for the incoming gear and I will make it disappear if it doesn't serve the Makerspace in terms of the cost/benefit ratio.
          I will make arrangements with donor Northwest Hydraulic Concultants (Khal Hooper 250 851 9262 ext. 3404) to pick it up.


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            We received the machine in the other night. Looks great and came with some expired but otherwise FREE ink.
            This machine also came with an extra two rolls of non-glossy paper and has a JetDirect network interface installed, so technically we can install it anywhere in the space and we don't need a PC attached to it..
            One thing to take note however was the print heads are old and leave thin bands. A cleaning and reseating of the head modules has been done with no improvement.
            It's in the hackroom for now but I suggest it get moved sooner than later.


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              MIPS can you determine and share the replacement parts needed? Ill try to find the money to acquire.
              Thanks for all your and ColeVD work around the space. You guys are mint.


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                All four print heads, not sure what we need, john and I think the black cartridge is the worst affected print head
                It may be a good idea to start with the black print head.

                There may be other problems with the printer Eg.
                Ink lines/tubes
                Ink level calibration
                Printer ink may have gotten thick over time (Expired ink)

                I don't know, I'm not a printer guy. I will get in contact with someone who knows what they are doing.


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                  OK, Im on the trails of these print heads...


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                    Looks like someone's attempt to "deep clean" the print heads has ruined them entirely. I cleaned up most of the mess because magenta now weeps but it now fails to realign the heads.
                    If we want to use this printer than I suggest we get the new print heads now. Likewise this thing has been in the Hack Room "temporarily" for three and a half months. Please move it to its permanent location because it's taking up a ton of space.


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                      I ordered the new print heads today and they should be in next week.