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Canada Day - Makerspace Circus hits the Road!

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  • Canada Day - Makerspace Circus hits the Road!

    Kamloops Makerspace has a booth again this year at Canada, as per tradition! We will need a crew of 4-6 people who to help man/woman the booth.

    We have a sweet spot with power, which will include all our usual displays, plus the MAKERBUS (run by Nicholas Adams )!

    We are aiming to have the 3D printer running a Canada themed print (hoping to corner ColeVD into helping with this one) , Chainmaildave 's box of Canada Day pins and some chainmail, ron_ron 2000 gaming cabinet, a few other demos and displays, as well.

    We will be rolling out our 4 new full colour huge format banners for the first time!

    If Members have stuff to display or sell, have at 'er! And also help with setup and take down.

    So gather your ideas, stuff to display, and any ideas for funky displays or new builds to show off at this classic Kamloops event, of which the Makerspace has done so well at for the last 4 years.

    Thanks and feel free to mention your ideas and so forth on this thread...


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    Call for Volunteers: Who is into attending and manning the Makerspace booth at Canada Day Monday July 1? Please comment below...

    Just getting a game plan together for this - let me know if you can make the event! Please share and get others stoked for this!

    Also, any new Makerspace display items or crazy projects to show off are MORE than welcome and you can sell your stuff, too!

    We have power and the Makerbus will be there, as well!



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      Given that a few of our volunteers will be over at the kids area? Nicholas Adams ? I will do some time at the booth


      • Vaughn
        Vaughn commented
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        Dave, I think you are confusing Art in the Park with Ribfest?

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      Art in the Park is about 2 weeks away on MONDAY JULY 1 7am to 5pm at Riverside Park.

      The plan is pack up our roadshow on the Makerbus at the Makerspace on Sunday June 31st evening and be ready to go for 6:30 am. Our setup time is 6-7 am .

      Vaughn krankin Nicholas Adams BethA and Dennis the Younger have volunteered so far for this expedition, but MORE Makers are bringing their A-game, as well.

      Chainmaildave has his button show! ColeVD might be convinced to run a 3D printer (we can use mine, if that helps, as the MK2 is harder to move with the enclosure. ron_ron 2000 might be there to impress people. Synchro has been known to LED hard at this kind of thing.

      New builds or displays are more than welcome! Come to the Space Sunday night to help out, or see you at the Park Monday. Comment below to show support or let us know you're attending!

      Here is the list of vendors:

      The location map of the event has been released - Kamloops Makerspace is booth # 2 in the upper left:


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        Huge plans developing for a whopping Makerspace/Makerbus Super Booth at Art in the Park!

        Kamloops Arts Council has allotted Makerspace/Makerbus the coveted BOOTH #2 Pole Position, near washrooms, power, water, shade in a central location and a waterfront view. heh!

        There have been ron_ron sightings at Makerspace! HEEZ ALIIIIVVVVEEE and de-bugging all the great RonRon classics, including the Acoustic Levitator, Ron_Ron 2000 Game Cabinet, HoloScreen, and much more - The Rawn Dawgs got it going on!!

        Mike Synchro is devising and refining his amazing and fresh LED lighting constructs and there is a rumour of a darkened Makerbus Museum of Maker Madness!!!

        Chainmaildave is doing his lasercut pins (both appropriate and inappropriate) are a thing again this year - thanks for raising funds this way, Dave! We also have the deadly Canada Day earrings and other merch ColeVD has made, and it will be on sale as well as a fundraiser (thank you Cole

        Speaking of MERCH, if YOU have stuff you want to display, sell, promote etc, this is def the place to do it - ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING you have made that looks cool can be brought along and show to great effect and eternal Maker Glory. Bonus points for robots and hovercraft.

        I am making new 40" full colour banners using our refurbished 42" PRINTER with new print heads, thanks to MIPS and ColeVD help (design is coming, boys - hoping the printer is ready to rock early next week).

        krankin has shouted out that he's up for manning the booth some, along with me, Nicholas, Chainmail, maybe BethA , Beth S. and Dennis the Younger - @Sue Adams, Garret H DarrenAndSherry .... this is a CALL FOR ALL MAKERS to join the Canada Day Madness!

        There is even more in the works, but you get the idea - if there was ever an opportunity to promote the Space, show the gear, up tech and arts and have a legendary Canada Day THIS IS IT!!!

        THE PLAN:
        Meet at Makerspace Sunday June 30 6-9 pm to pack everything into the Makerbus and get it ready. Make signs, prepare the bus, finishing touches on builds, make more merch, etc..
        Meet at Makerspace Monday July 1st 6:30 am and head to the Park
        Work the Park all day and support Makerspace, while enjoying our awesome setup!
        Pack it up at 5pm and thats that!

        Sign up now and puckle your chinstrap for a day to remember!



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          You can change my 'maybe' to a 'Yes' for setting up and manning the booth. Dennis the Younger sends his regrets.