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Sat Feb 18th - 7th Annual Family Day Makerspace Booth

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  • Sat Feb 18th - 7th Annual Family Day Makerspace Booth

    Hello Makers,

    As per tradition, the Kamloops Makerspace will be setting up our ever-improving Road Show at the 7th Annual Family Day event at Tournament Capital Center MONDAY February 18th 10-2 pm.

    8 am meetup at Space for loading, 9 am setup at TCC, goes live at 10 am.

    We have quite the selection of eye candy and interactive stuff to bring, but I wanted to highlight:
    ron_ron holographic projector good to go?
    ron_ron video game cabinet lit up and g2g?
    Should we bring the 3D printer?
    Lots of pamphlets
    Palago and other games
    Chainmaildave trays of pins? Please note that sales are NOT allowed at this event though so maybe not? Or maybe some giveaways?
    Lots more....

    We have 4 tables and power.

    I am definitely going and will help lead the charge; my truck will be available for loading - I hope lots of Makers come out with their friends and family - this is a great event.

    Alllllll Aboooooard!

    (Please disregard the calendar item below; its is incorrect date and I cant seem to delete it)
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    The holo box is is easy to fix. I have a replacement screen for Ron_Ron 2000.


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      The 3D printer is mesmerizing to watch - I think it would be a great conversation piece. I think you should bring it...



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        I booked that day off.


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          Should we think about bringing the Froggy CNC? I think that would be almost as much fun to watch as the 3D printer. If we're careful where we put it, we can keep everything (and everyone) safe. We could give away the widgets that we make (cleverly branded with our logo, of course)

          How much noise can we make?



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            The Prusa mk2 is on a cart, contained away from fingers and therefore should be easy to bring. The froggy mill on the other hand is super loud, makes dust and requires at least eye if not ear protection .

            I think instead we could just set up a monitor with looping video of the laser cutter and froggy mill working that would have the same effect without the hastle.


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              Four tables nice!
              We should take pictures of projects and of tools so we can put on a electronic picture frame.
              I am guessing we are going to needs lots of power.
              I am guessing we are going to fill the four tables easy.
              seeing there will be 3d printed and laser cut stuff.


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                This sounds great! Thanks for jumping in - we'll dial in the plan in the coming days, and have everything ready to go SUNDAY FEB 17th 9 pm.
                I am going to try to make another nice banner - we need more signage.
                Yeee haaawwww


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                  Display hit list so far:

                  3D Printer and cart -
                  I think this is primo eye candy, but will take some planning to move, safely. Does the cart come apart, or does the whole cart have to stand up inside a vehicle? I don't think exposing it in the back of a truck in weather is advisable.
                  What to print? Something that takes less than 3 hours. A Kamloops logo was fun (@cole?)

                  ron_ron 2000 cabinet -
                  I secured the header graphic bar, but is there supposed to be lights in it? I also have some metal handles for the sides that would make it easier to move - should they be put on? Ill elave them by the cabinet; take a look. What about Makerspace logo on sides?

                  Manaquin with some Chainmaildave shirt, the lasercut staff, maybe something else?

                  Cybernetic Seahorse Seance, 2017, lasercut LED sculpture (@vaughn) - just plug it in

                  Holographic Projector ron_ron - need any help with this one?

                  Sonic Levitation Device (@ron_ron)

                  Totes of small road show stuff
                  Signup info
                  Palago Game?
                  Small Stuff from display shelf in Lounge
                  Pottery Samples - need little shelves or boxes to display?

                  Quite the list, and probably more if people want!


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                    metal handles are ok, KM logos are ok. I didn't put a light in it yet. I still have to change the screen on it.
                    Holo box I changed the screen to larger one that has higher res. I just have to re mount it.
                    I might have my draw bot working by then..


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                      Info from Family Day event organizer:
                      >>> Kelly MacDonald 2019-02-11 4:16 PM >>>
                      Good Morning!

                      I would like to thank-you for confirming your participation at this year's Family Day Expo/Festival on Monday, February 18th. We’re excited to see what you’ll bring to this year’s event. On site to help you set up will be myself, my colleagues Dewi and Cara. We hope there won’t be too many adjustments, but if you need something done, we’ll try our best to accommodate you. We will be wearing City of Kamloops logo wear, and I’m sure will be a little red faced and sweaty, so if you need us, just flag us down.

                      Now... details for the day.

                      Parking: You are welcome to park anywhere, but for loading/unloading it may be easiest to park in Lot S (map attached) on non-residence side of lot (staff spots). Parking is ok there since it's a holiday. This is the long skinny lot between the TRU gym/science building and McGill Rd. residence. Please DO NOT park vehicles in spots with RESERVED signs.

                      un/Loading: The doors of the TCC will be locked until 10:00am so please let your event staff know they will not be able to enter via any of the main doors. The garage door to the field house (indoor track) will be open and is the most direct route into the expo. The garage door is located off of mcgill/college rd. You enter through a small parking lot where the waterslide tunnel comes outside of the pool. Please try to avoid parking and unloading in this parking lot for a lengthy period as it is small and can get quite awkward with many people trying to do the same. The Red star on the parking map indicates loading area garage door.

                      Set up: Please familiarize yourself with the site map (attached) and your booth’s location. Come through the garage doors to find your table. You are welcome to unload inside the building, go back to park and then return to haul your stuff to your booth location. A limited number of dollies and pullies are available, but it's recommended that you bring your own to be sure you get one. I am attaching the site map and legend to give you a better idea of where you will be... We will have more on the day if you forget yours.

                      Set up can start anywhere after 8:30am. Please give yourself enough time to be ready to go for 9:30am.

                      Your tables and chairs will be set up at your booth location (look for your organization’s table label), but the configuration of your booth is up to you. Linens are not provided, but you are welcome to bring, table cloths, tents, awnings, signage (bring your own tape). If you require power, please bring your own extension cords.

                      Event times: The event runs from 10:00am-2:00pm. Please plan to have someone at your booth throughout the day.

                      Passport to Family Day: We hand out "passports" to the children at the event to help ensure folks visit all areas of the festival. The passport is a way to get families to your booth. The passports ask kids to visit booth and collect a stamp or sticker from the booth attendant. When their passport is full, they enter into a draw to win a prize. Please have a stamp or sticker at your booth for stamping.

                      Questions, concerns, comments, please get in touch.

                      Looking forward to the day... and thank-you for your efforts to make the day great for Kamloops families!

                      Kelly MacDonald, MA
                      Active Living Coordinator
                      City of Kamloops
                      910 McGill Rd. Kamloops


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                        The title should say Monday not Saturday. Do we have a stamp?


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                          I wonder where my stamp is?


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                            Yes Ive got a stamp - and i cant figure out how to fix that monster typo - the event is MONDAY (tomorrow)


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                              Great event! We had four tables and crowds of people looking at all of our creations.