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Laser cutter is not working right. Feb22 1:08am

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  • Laser cutter is not working right. Feb22 1:08am

    Normally I can cut through 1/4 in birch fairly quickly but tonight I could only get through it at 40% 2mm/s. The thing I cut had a number of small holes, it looked like the holes were cut slightly on an angle not straight up and down. I don't know what the problem is exactly but I have changed the sign to red so everyone knows there is a problem.

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    I think the laser cutter has crashed a few times so the lens might be misaligned causing weird cuts that need more power. I was wondering if you also wrote it down in the log book also?


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      I did write it in the log book


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        Hmmm a yellow indicator would probably be helpful here. If anyone is there and able to add a note on the machine about it requiring maintenance that would help clarify. Just in case a member doesn't check the log book and assumes it is completely dead.

        Thanks for using the reporting book and forum Christine!