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Laser filter operation

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  • Laser filter operation

    This will be printed and posted.
    One page version
    Filter Operation In case of emergency: Move both valves to the OFF position and lower the drain valve to the DRAIN position. The water supply can be completely switched off from a valve in the womens washroom. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fil...
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    I took the filter apart on Monday night just to see what it looked like inside after a month. If nobody has tried to do the cleaning cycle while I've been gone then the filter is self cleaning.


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      Hey Grant. Would you be able to inspect the filter drain at some point?
      I came in this morning to do other stuff and found water running out the bottom of the laser cutter. (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)


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        I will try for Friday


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          So I open it up and look inside and all appears well. I know there has been a mention of the overflow not being big enough but the water only trickles in past the valve. I can add a pressure reducer and only open the supply line a crack to make sure the supply can't overwhelm the valve.


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            We have had an issue with the filters plugging up and the laser filling with smoke. I set the water depth back to where it was before. The cleaning cycle will only work if you bypass the regulator in the bathroom. Hopefully with the deeper water it won't be as necessary.