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Laser 101 course outline

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  • Laser 101 course outline

    Kamloops Makerspace Laser 101 - Basic Operation and Safety:

    7:00pm Lounge:

    Everyone to sign in to workshop log, including email address
    Member or not? Non-members pay $40

    Liability waiver and Member Registration filled out/signed?

    A brief intro about Makerspace, membership, etc, including MAKER MONDAY volunteering
    Show and tell samples of laser cutting/engraving
    Watch short Sarbar Media video on laser theory and materials safety:
    Discuss materials safety - ASK BEFORE YOU CUT UNKNOWN MATERIALS

    Materials dos and donts:

    7:30 Design Lab:

    Discuss vector and raster images and how each is interpreted by laser
    Saving and exporting, file formats, scale, line colours, etc.
    Show tracing of raster image into vector
    Address participants pet-projects or specific goals with laser cutter
    Save traced files (paths) of quick jegs to DXF - and flash drive

    8:30 Fab Shop:

    Show laser tube, mirrors, chiller and filter vent; explain operation of each.
    Show loading of material, origin, focusing, manual X/Y/Z,
    Open/Import a raster image and scan/engrave into wood.
    Open/Import vector image and cut in paper, 1/8" wood (live hinge wallet) and acrylic.
    Discuss management of materials and waste.

    Discuss laser maintenance – cleaning cabinet, mirrors and lens


    (Discuss remaining content of laser manual while cutting samples)

    Link to Makerspace Laser Manual:

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