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Y-axis problems -> check Rotary Axis 'enabled' status in Lightburn

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  • Y-axis problems -> check Rotary Axis 'enabled' status in Lightburn

    We had an issue come up with the laser cutter this week. Everything on the y-axis would be squished to 10/67 the size it should be. Y-axis movement was slow and range was very limited.

    After a long diagnosis process and trying to change settings in Thunderlaser (RDworks) we came to a false conclusion about the controller being at fault.

    Turns out the problem all along was that the rotary axis became enables inside of Lightburn.


    It's possible to change settings on the laser like this in one piece of software while the other has no clue what happened.

    If you are working in Lightburn the enable/disable rotary axis button is very easy to find. Its in the bottom right hand corner, see attached photo.
    Where this setting lives in Thunderlaser is unknown right now.


    This is a tiny little button with no confirmation prompt. It's really easy to accidentally click it.

    Red (slider to the LEFT) = DISABLED
    Green (slider to the RIGHT) = ENABLED

    For anyone who is colour blind this feature might be really hard to tell - the user interface of this feature is very poorly designed.