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Laser Cutter Operation

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  • Laser Cutter Operation

    Please download the Laser Cutter Operation Manual to learn the basics of laser cutter operation.

    Important notes of operation:
    • For longevity of the laser keep power AT OR BELOW 45% (50% is too high for long life of the laser tube)
    • Keep a close eye on the ammeter and ensure it never exceeds 16mA
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    Basic chinese laser introduction video shown at Laser 101 class:


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      Due to a burned out laser tube we are now recommending that the laser not be operated at 50% power, and that 45% is a better limit.
      This issue and its repair can be found here: https://community.kamloopsmakerspace...out-laser-tube


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        I just wanted to point out that on page 11 of the operations manual under the "Cutting" section it says "NEVER set max power above 60% ­­ our laser tube and power supply will be at its full capacity at 60%". Whereas the post before mine says to not exceed 45%. I am guessing the manual is incorrect and just hasn't been updated?


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          Thanks for pointing that out, we will need to update the manual.
          45% is the limit, we have lowered the limit as we gain more experience with the laser and learn more about its longevity. 45% max results in a much longer life.