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RESOLVED - Burned Out Laser Tube

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  • RESOLVED - Burned Out Laser Tube

    i was using the laser when mid project it stopped producing a laser beam. As that it the machines primary purpose, this is a problem.
    I checked the tube and it appears to be intact. Water is flowing through it as it should.
    It was performing typically before I was using it and performed typically during a test piece I did to fail in my settings. All settings kept power output below 16 MA.

    Failure occurred mid job. It had finished aproximately 15-20 minutes of scanning at 45 power.
    when it started on the cut layer, it was not cutting all the way through as it did in test piece with same settings. A few minutes into cutting, it stopped cutting completely mid cut. No noise or other indication of error. Machine continued to move but no laser was produced.
    I tried trouble shooting with no success. Won’t even pulse.
    Ampmeter does show reading when pulsed however this reading is much lower than expected for the power settings. Even when power setting changed to 75, amp meter still read under 10 and no mark was made in material in machine.
    Suspected power supply issue or burned out laser tube.
    Out of order sign has been placed on machine

    If you want me to recount this in audio form you can call me at (250) 319-7900. Expect shitty Shakespeare style performance. #whyIsItAlwaysMe

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    Kile, thank you for posting on the forum and writing a detailed description of the "what when and how" of this problem.Sorry about your luck.

    Has anyone had a chance to look into this yet?


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      I repaired the laser last night, the tube was shot. I installed the extra tube and changed the water in the chiller. Not sure of the cause, however, the lack of an interlock to the chiller bothers me. I am going to set it up so the laser will not function without the chiller on. I am making a laser order soon and would recommend purchasing an extra tube and some lenses, perhaps we can combine shipping. I also cleaned up the build up in the back of the machine. I also aimed the new tube. I did the test cut on the desktop and was spiking at 20 MA. Clearly, 50% is too high, please ensure you are watching the meter on the laser and never exceed 16 MA as it hurts tube life.


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        You're the man Nicholas Adams !!

        I'll add a note to the top level laser operation post on that, and try and get a physical note in place by the machine also.


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          I put vinyl signs on the lid of the laser last night reminding people of proper use