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New computer for the Laser Cutter

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  • New computer for the Laser Cutter

    What is the story on this?
    There's a machine on the Hack Room table that's been orbiting around the table itself and is marked that it's the new computer for the laser cutter. At the same time I'm getting complaints that the current machine we are hanging the laser cutter off is crashing 4 or 5 times a night. Is this an ongoing project that someone is working on or is this something that's in limbo?

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    Ah. That's where it went. I think we need to see if it can have corel draw installed before deployment. Even if it cant we should probably do it anyway. There is also data migration from the user folders on the current machine.


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      I'm working on replacing the laser brain.

      I'll get it going without Corel Draw by installing the hardware and migrating the data. I should have some time next week to look at this.



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        Thanks for the updates guys. I'll pass this on to those who were hoping the new system was going to show up before the snow melted.


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          Bear has informed me that we are out of time on the current machine. It's crashing at least ten times daily now and starting to ruin people's pieces and threatening to trash the laser cutter itself.

          Between last night and this morning he had two pieces ruined when the machine crashed and the laser took off on its own accord. This is something that SMALLER projects can avoid by uploading the project directly to the cutter but far from ideal. The more critical note is the laser did NOT stop on its end stops and had to be E-stopped before it wrecked itself.
          I will come in a little later to do a quick inspection on what might be the cause of the crashing however we need the new machine setup ASAP.


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            Pulled the machine out, inspected and cleaned it. When was the last time this thing saw the air compressor? I was getting complaints from the second floor about the dust cloud.
            The machine only had 4gb ram so I've pulled that out and doubled it to 8gb. We were also using the onboard graphics, which isn't ideal, so I threw in a Quadro FX 1700 and removed the dead wireless card.

            Please be aware I was not able to finish working on and testing the machine before it was pulled out of my hands. I had had a queue of people wanting to use the machine after only an hour so even before I was able to verify the new card was setup it was back in the fab shop.
            *PLEASE* keep me informed about if the system becomes more stable after this maintenance. If it has drastically improved I will pull the system and complete the hardware maintenance.
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