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    Many of the laser forums I belong to recommend upgrading from RDWorks to Lightburn. The licence is $80. It's much nicer to work with. Here is what you can do with the optional camera.

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    Hey Grant, thanks for the suggestion. We have picked up some Corel Draw licenses, which we can actually use to run the laser cutter. We'll try out Corel first, and if it doesn't work well can look at a standalone software like Lightburn. The nice thing with using Corel is it will be the same inferface for creating and adjusting graphics as running the laser, so less to teach and less to learn.

    The camera feature is pretty nifty, curious as to what is out there that can do the same.
    The image trace in Inventables Easel is pretty sweet, I just checked it out and it seems to be really fast and powerful - but you can't export a DXF after.


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      I bought the lightburn software for myself and put the spare licence on the laser cutter computer .


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        Hi Grant,

        I noticed that you installed your other license seat at your maker space, so I've bumped you to a 3rd in case you have another computer of your own you'd like to use it on. If it's of interest to your group, LightBurn does deals with maker spaces to allow members without their own laser hardware to purchase a (single seat) copy of the software for $20, allowing them to set up jobs at home on their own computer systems.

        Thanks for supporting LightBurn,


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          Thanks for doing the legwork and for sharing this. I just downloaded the trial and will play with it to see if I like it. So far it does seem pretty good.