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  • Open Source Media/Design Workstation

    So i have this decent quad core desktop computer with two crisp HD monitors loaded with a ton of awesome Open Source Media/Design software, including software for graphics, video, audio, CAD, circuit board design and more. was thinking it would be good to setup in the design lab for member use...

    i hope to host workshops teaching circuit board design, FreeCAD, etc...and i think it would be good to have a good workstation setup for members to play around with these awesome open source tools...

    please let me know what is thought about this and if there are any questions, comments or concerns...


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    Hey Mike, as we talked about in last night's member's meeting this is an awesome idea and initiative you are taking! Can't wait to see it set up in the class room.


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      the workstation made it to the space, thanks to Vaughn for his help with the transport. just working out a good table for it to sit.


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        the workstation has been set up in a temporary location in the classroom, on the desktop you will find a document that outlines the use of the workstation and reads as follows:

        This Open Source Workstation is provided as is for use by members of
        The Kamloops Makerspace by Open to Source.

        Please feel free to poke around, and check out some of the awesome Open Source
        tools available.

        the workstation has a core-2-quad processor, 4GB RAM, a 240GB SSD Drive, and a
        1 TB storage drive.

        if more storage is required, additional hard drives can be installed.

        Please note: Open to Source and the Kamloops makerspace are not responsible for
        the safe keeping and/or privacy of any data stored on this computer...

        currently there is no WiFi device installed in the computer, so if you want to
        use the internet on this workstation; a good method is to USB tether from your

        please feel free to install software on this computer (preferably open source)
        the password for installing software or other administrative tasks is 'open'

        the browsers have been set to not ask to remember passwords...please do not
        save any of your own personal passwords on here and remember to log out of
        websites when done.

        Please Note: Open to Source and the Kamloops Makerspace are not responsible for
        your information or the security of websites accessed on this computer.

        This Open Source Workstation is currently running Xubuntu 16.04

        plans exist to add a second SSD drive to install the latest LTS release of
        Ubuntu Studio (18.04) as well as setting up another partitioin for Arch Linux.

        please feel free to move the workstation within the space if required for your projects.

        the workstation is intended to be used at the space, however the workstation maybe used
        off-site for performances, shows, and events...please contact me (Mike Savage) if you would
        like to take it off-site for a short period...

        Open to Source reserve the right to remove this workstation from the Kamloops Makerspace
        at any time.

        please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this workstation


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          just setup the latest Slic3r Prusa Edition on to this computer...wondering if there are any SD Card readers kicking around that could be installed in this system to allow members to easily transfer to the SD card for 3d Printing?


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            so my dad came to visit and happened to bring a nice set of computer speakers that he no longer i set them up with the OtS Workstation in the there is a nice sound system that has a headphone jack to plug in when desired...moved the bigger stereo that was going to be installed there back down to the Hack room; where they probably will fit better...finally recovering from my puffy faced tooth infection, so should be at the space more next week to really dial things in...just noticed the tool wall upgrade in the electronics room; nice work and thanks to whoever did this! (my first guess would be Garret...please correct me if i am wrong...) gotta love how things evolve at the K3 ;P