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Food truck story on CBC Needs you!

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  • Food truck story on CBC Needs you!

    The 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 10am to 2pm testing tacos from the taco truck. At 6pm music, tacos and story time.
    The truck will be towed in on the 22nd at 8am and will be towed out on 25th at 10am.
    Please come and bring your family.

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    CHE send me a photo of the taco truck - Ill make a facebook event for this. What parking stall will the truck go in for these days? It could be tricky getting a towed truck in and out of the lot, depending on activity. mmmmm tacoooosss!!


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      Hi folks!
      I arrived yesterday evening.
      Because of my need to have a logistic team behind me to produce a good show/outcome, I need to plan thoroughly. A plan to succeed in excellence. To do that, I need support!
      So, I will be working with a crowd-funding page, and my berets. As well as a descriptive financial cost and marketing plan of the truck; and my electric "Triqueria".

      Since I have not given CBC a date yet, my higher self indicates that I should postpone the whole event at least for 6 weeks, which takes me to April 19th. It is a one-day event
      At which time, it will coincide with the rights of Mother Earth. Which is the sole reason I am working for.

      In the meantime, I will be updating my page ( and instagram (

      Create a YouTube channel and will be working on promoting my GoFundMe campaign.

      Once done, I will post and I will let you know

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