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Lighting Upgrades/Repairs

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  • Lighting Upgrades/Repairs

    Cole and I were in last night and did some maintenance to the building's lighting situation.

    -Spotlights outside mudroom are now LED
    -Spotlight on woodshop fire escape is now LED
    -Spotlight on 3rd floor fire escape is now LED
    -Lights above stove and walk-in cooler are replaced/now LED
    -Light above kitchen sink has been repaired (needed new ballasts)
    -Light in hackroom has been repaired (everything missing. Needed new ballasts, sockets)
    -Light in 3rd floor hallway is repaired (needed new bulbs and ballast)
    -Light in the fab shop above the table is repaired (needed new bulbs)
    -Bulbs in fab shop and third floor EXIT signs have been replaced with LED

    I also took a jab at the emergency lighting and replaced the battery in the basement unit and found the unit at the very top of the stairs is completely roasted and needs replacement.

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    Woah! That's awesome great work!


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      nice work guys (Y) like the upgrades to LEDs...should cut down on overall power usage...


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        On the exterior it's a huge reduction in energy consumption. Those lights typically run dusk to dawn on their light controllers.
        Five separate 150W floodlights, down to five 7W replacements.

        Vaughn mentioned the upstairs backup lighting worked on an outage we had last week, however when I found the unit this morning the battery was clearly overheating and there's either a mosfet or a voltage regulator that had BBQ'd so hard that it and the PCB around it was a toasty brown. I swapped in a new battery and found while it will power the lights still it would buzz angrily and not otherwise go into its charging/standby mode, so I disconnected the original battery and left it unplugged for now.
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          Thanks for all your work, gentlemen!