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  • Refrigeration Tools?

    I'm working on an old fridge and while transporting it I ended up breaking a capillary line and dumping 10 ounces of R12. Fun fact, R12 is a banned CFC refrigerant due to its ozone-depleting nature so you can't get it anymore. Oops....
    The fridge is old enough (60 years!) it has service taps and the break is fixable but does anyone have tools like an evacuation pump or a recharge kit I could borrow?

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    Just gonna update this here that I no longer need a recharge kit (Princess Auto currently has R12a kits on sale for $25) but still need to pump down the system before I can go any further and get it out of the space. It's the door-less fridge by the back door. It's all ready to be pumped.


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      I own a vacuum pump but don't have a way to connect it. If you show me what tools are needed I'm willing to get them to see how this is done.


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        I actually met up with someone about a week or two ago (I'm sorry I didn't ask for your name) and we were able to pull a vacuum but then we discovered my service ports don't have schrader valves, so I gotta do it again before I can charge it. I'm running a gamble on a service kit that's in the mail right now, so I should actually be good unless that falls through (the quality/price ratio is dubious)

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