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Winter Heat - Keep a jacket handy

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  • Winter Heat - Keep a jacket handy

    As we are all aware, the building is old and winter makes the space uncomfortably cool on some days. Please note however that the space will be experiencing abnormally cooler days than usual until further notice. We are currently running one boiler as opposed to two due to pressure issues and a bad gas valve and the other day we had the spring coupler on the main recirculator pump explode (Seriously. The tension springs chewed up the bearing housing pretty good) Please do not touch the thermostat as the system currently cannot deliver a lot of heat. Grant Fraser I left you a note in regards to the disconnected boiler. Nicholas Adams I have dismantled the pump and removed the remains of the coupling and left it on the office door. Replacements should still be available at IPH. I spent tonight cleaning, oiling and retesting the motor and it's still useable.

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    Wow. Thanks for that. Now I know who the ghost is. I did already reconnect the second boiler. They run in parallel. I wondered why the heat was turned down and I put it back up. Thanks for looking after the motor. I wasn't going to be able to look at it until Wednesday.


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      Sorry, I should of made more people aware about that change when I did it last week. We can run with one boiler for now and we've done so for most of the season so far (because of said sticking gas valve) but I don't trust the system enough to leave it running a high pressure from both boilers running until we can figure out why it's trying to run so high.


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        The air pressure control tank was waterlogged. It's old enough in this building that it doesn't have a bladder so every few years the extra water needs to be drained out or else the system hydraulically overpressurizes. I've gone and done it now and that seems to of taken care of the pressure issue.

        there was also concerns the wiring or control relays were acting up again so I hung around and watched the thermostat call and then satisfy with no weirdness so electrically everything is working fine.
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