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  • Looking for some help

    hi guys and gals I am new to 3D printing I just bought a ender 3 printer it is put together but is not functioning right.
    I was wondering if I could talk to someone that might be able to help me get this thing up and running

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    Without knowing what the problem is I would say you need to make sure all your parts are perfectly square to each other and that all the plugs are plugged into the right place.


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      Hi Dohn,
      Any issues you can describe on what the problems are would be helpful to find a resolution.
      Can you turn it on?
      Are the parts moving?
      Is it heating?
      Is it printing but just doing a bad job? Etc.


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        You should also mine YouTube for first time assembly instructions for the Ender printer.

        Also, be sure to use a very simple model to do your first test prints. That help rule out any slicer errors that you may have introduced.
        There are tones of "Calibration models" on Thingiverse you could try.

        Start here: