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Maker Mondays - Fall 2018

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  • Maker Mondays - Fall 2018

    I am going to take on coordinating Maker Monday for at least the next few months.

    We have Pizza Pi on board as a weekly food sponsor (thanks for running that down Nicholas Adams ) and I have made a recurring event on facebook, which I hope as many people as possible will consider SHARING on Sundays or Mondays - this really helps get the word out.

    Please show appreciation to Pizza Pi by liking their page, giving a review that mentions the makerspace or sharing the Maker Monday event? It really, really helps us.

    In a perfect world, each shop coordinator would chip away at their spaces each week with extra help, and I think this is a good direction to head towards. We aren't there in terms of engagement to really do this yet in all areas, but I think its a good goal - even if the shop coordinators just start by outlining what is needed going forward to increase the use of their spaces.

    I will refine the list of to-do's in the Lounge and the Veterans already have a handle on what needs to be done, but obviously we need to focus on:

    -sweep and mop from top of building (even if half the building gets alternately done each week, we're good)
    -zero in on shops and studios that need help (planning and execution for measured improvements each week)
    -chip away at the Plan Genie process over pizza (even if we just get 10 minutes per week done, it will get done)

    Anyway, just wanted to take this on as a way of getting people rowing in the same direction and keep the space running - I hope to be able to have fun while improving the Space.

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    Good work tonight in the Space:

    Floors swept and mopped
    Clay Space cleaned
    Fab Shop Cabinets finished
    Fab Shop cleaned and swept
    Hack Room organization chipped at
    Plan Genie - 4 more questions answered

    Extra Large pizza courtesy of Pizza Pi

    Thanks Chainmail, Nicholas, Vaughn, Anthony, Mark, Garret and Clay Spacers


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      Good Maker Monday tonight (plus Members Meeting)

      -Cleaned and organized Craftorium
      -Took out garbages
      -Loaded Blake up for a dump run

      Extra large pizza courtesy Pizza Pi

      Thanks Chainmail, Vaughn, Beth


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        Ill be away for Monday Sept 24 Maker Monday, but Dave and Nicholas will be around for it and there will be Pizza Pi for volunteers at 8 pm.

        Potential to-do's:

        The air conditioner on the mud room roof needs to be wrapped up and taped.

        Woodshop scrap bin is full - if the scraps were loaded in a rolling cart out back, we could get it in a truck and make it disappear.

        There were a few boxes of assorted electronics left in the Mud Room - it needs to be sorted or culled or recycled or something.


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          I cleaned the activated charcoal filter on the laser cutter. Air flows through much better now. Someone needs to remember to bring coffee


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            Last week at Maker Monday (Sept 24)

            Wrapped the air conditioner (Kyle and Pierre)
            Added new power for table (Grant and Nicholas)
            Shelf for Infinity Cube (Nicholas)
            Fixed light in spray booth (Alex)

            12 man hours total

            Pizza from Pizza Pi
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              Maker Monday Oct 1

              Plastic some windows (Nicholas, Vaughn, Dave)
              Cleaned Kitchen and Lounge (Beth)
              Garbages (Beth)
              3D printer enclosure work (Garret)
              Tool Status Board (Garret)

              Pizza Pi pizza


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                The laser cutter was also serviced tonight (Oct 1). Nicholas and Grant cleaned the focal lens on the laser, dramatically improving useable cut speeds and quality!
                Also, the heat is on: