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    Hello all!
    In the forum feedback thread there was a little discussion in organizing the channels on the forum into categories based on work spaces and field of interest.

    I'd like to propose a general structure and collect any feedback from the other members and thoughts on them.
    There are a lot of different subchannels here, listed out with a few concepts in mind:
    - To capture the diversity of interests, tools, and knowledge bases in all the Makerspace and it's members have to offer
    - To create a more thorough organizational structure of the various topics to enable easier searching of historical information. Looking for a how to on that certain tool? Browse through the subchannel dedicated to that workspace.
    - Provide a dedicated gallery of member's projects and discussions on them. An amazing array of projects get completed at the space, seeing them all together in one place can really highlight all the talent that exists in the space.
    - Make it really easy to find information on services, make suggestions and track problems or report on needed repairs for tools in the space.

    This might not be everything, so I'd love to hear what others might think:

    The Lounge - A place to hand out and chat, share ideas, and discuss cool stuff!
    Your Projects - Show off your projects and collaborate with other members.
    Workshops - Postings on all workshops past, present, and future.
    Events - Suggestions, information and discussion on events the Makerspace will participate in.
    Board/Society Information - Constitution, Bylaws, Minutes, Financials, and more.

    Tools and Workspaces
    The Hack Space & Electronics - A space for discussion of the Hack Space, soldering station Arduino and everything else electronic!
    The Fab Shop - Discussion of the metal and plastic working tools in the fab shop & paint booth.
    Woodworking Shop - The place to discuss woodworking and woodworking accessories!
    Craftorium & Design Studio - Everything in those spaces from sewing machines to the vinyl cutter.
    Pottery Room - Chatroom on the pottery space, wheels and kiln.
    3D Printing - Everything related to 3D printing and the spaces printer(s).
    Laser Cutter - All things relating to laser cutter operation.
    CNC Avenue - Discussion on the Makerspace's CNC tools including the 3020 Froggy Mill, CNC router and in-progress CNC machines.

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    Love it! Thanks for taking this on, Garret!
    Board Member - Treasurer


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      Could we add a section for donations as well so people can post pictures of items they want to donate and see if there's any interest to cut down on the clutter?


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        Great idea Dave!