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    The time has come to address the back hallway and shower stall areas of the Makerspace, which are in need of organization, material labelling, culling and generally dealing with. We need to tidy these areas up for access, fire code, and aesthetic reasons.

    SO, Saturday Feb 23 and Sunday Feb 24, we will deal with it. Please volunteer to show up and help out!

    a) complete the existing shelving system of 16" x 24" cubbies up to the heating pipes
    b) make a rail system along the rest of the wall space, allowing tidy storage of Members flat stock materials
    c) to make room in the womens washroom and shower stall to use that space.

    a) Get everything out of the back hallway, women's washroom and shower stall.
    *****This means ron_ron move all of his stuff into the Hackroom (including the his totes in the mudroom), organize and cull it
    *****Labelling all the materials in the hall - this should be fun as it is really mixed up - LABEL YOUR MATERIALS NOW to avoid confusion - and Moving all materials into Fab Shop

    b) Make more of the plywood boxes and fill the wall space up to the heating pipes
    *****Need 5/8 plywood and hardware
    *****Make 'quick dry' shelves over radiator?

    c) Make rail system along the remaining walls that holds 33"x48" flat stock; using rebar from back corner of fabshop for upper rail and short plywood fence along floor

    d) Reload the new rail system with Members materials, in coherent and labelled 'stacks', label and load new shelving with Members totes, etc.

    We have a good team building for this - @rob nowicki, Bill King, Nicholas Adams , ron_ron , Bradley Maker , Vaughn have volunteered BUT WE NEED MORE HELP.

    Please tag up or show up or help out with this - thank you!

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    Sherry and I may have some time to put into this project.

    Are there any tools we should bring (cordless drills and hammers come to mind)?



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      Hi DarrenAndSherry - Thank you for jumping in!

      I think we are good for tools, but we do need hardware, materials and to do some planning:

      - How much plywood is needed to complete the wood shelf-box system up to the vertical pipes against that wall?

      - What hardware is needed to utilize the ready-rod from the back corner of the fab shop as a rail system along the walls to hold flat stock

      - Other hardware and screws needed?

      - Need a quick drawing of the whole thing, really! Since I am the one shooting my face off about this, I guess I'm it - Ill make one.

      We'll get it done and it will be oh, so good. If we are toying with the idea of another laser, we need to get our shit together on materials handling and storage!


      Bill @rob nowicki Nicholas Adams ron_ron krankin Garret H


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        I'd like to help out on this and will if I can!

        My plan for that week is to get the stairs measured and drawn.
        can probably slap a drawing together on the shelves too. Just some simply 2D stuff, nothing too fancy.

        Keep in mind we have lots of wood dowel/curtain rod hanging out in the woodshop (over the hand tools) that can be used if reddi-rod isn't.
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          Garret H there already is a drawing of the basic 'cell' that makes up that shelf system, including coordinates for the pins that keep it in order. Bradley Maker has em, and they are printed somewhere.

          Dont worry about this - concentrate on the stairs design. the gods are with us!


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            I haven't heard any feedback on this and am buried in my own work, so I have changed gears and got my own stuff out of the back hall as a start and Ill let others take the lead on this one, if they want.
            The issue is fire code and wheel chair access. We have a disabled person last week not be able to get through the hall, which was embarrassing and unfortunate.


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              I can be there tomorrow to assist but things have to get done and not just "we move this person's and that person's stuff but this guy isn't here so we'll wait until he moves it". The fact that I could not get the door closed last night because of stuff in the way would otherwise have us failing an inspection on the spot.


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                We have managed to get most of the waste material out of the back hallway, the fence system installed and properly marked materials tucked back in there. This process has created a large stack of waste materials in the fab shop for disposal.

                The next step is completing the shelf system. Members who have stuff on those shelves are asked to put their stuff in marked totes that fit. @rob nowicki Bill King ron_ron (not sure who else?)