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CNC Plasma Cutter, interested???

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  • CNC Plasma Cutter, interested???

    Found this link leading to a CNC plasma cutter in Salmon Arm buy and sell. Just seeing if there is any interest out there. Also seeing if we have the right fire safety procedures and insurance to allow such equipment in the shop in the future.

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    Can you post the photo and description? It's a closed group.

    One would be awesome, space for it and all that other stuff might be a challenge but there are future options.

    Things like this and new tool sets are what's needed to grow into a more capable organization that can bring in more members with the skills to keep the space running smoothly.
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      Cnc plasma table

      4x5 cnc plasma table comes with hypertherm powermax 1000 fully operational can demonstrate computer monitor sets included


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        Big ole plasma.
        Would wonder what resolution and repeatability the cuts would be. We would definitely want to do consistent hole cuts and lettering for signage and such.
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