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Stuff moved from electronics room to hackspace for desk access.

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  • Stuff moved from electronics room to hackspace for desk access.

    in order to make the small desk in the electronics room usable i moved some things from around and under the desk...including a power conditioner, stereo amplifier, box of speakers, pegboard hooks, windows screen, box of coax, and a blue tote of assorted things that i think could be sorted out, but was hesitant to do so as it may be a members project tote (??)...also moved a lone dust pan from the entryway to the wall beside the broom in the hack space.

    ps. tried to add more photos of the final destinations of these things but the forum systems sez we can only attach 5 photos per post...anyway...the big tote is under the 3d printer, the power condition, and stereo amp are under the monitor shelves...the hooks, and CoAx are just to the left of the 3d printer behind the door and the speakers are now on the bottom shelf just to the right of the 3d printer...

    please let me know if there are any questions, comments or concerns regarding this.


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    Thanks Mike, that whole room really needs some TLC. We have an absolute wealth or electronics components in there but unfortunately it blends in since the clutter is so bad.

    Knowing there are some pegboard hooks there is good, I'd like to mount a board on the wall and get the tools out of bins.


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      The whole room suffers badly from a lack of proper shelving and tables. I think there was once plans to make something to go along with the metal table and the rack but that was years ago now.


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        I did things today.

        Click image for larger version

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        First go at it so there can still be some extra reorganizing to come later, and there is still some junk in the yellow bin that is hard to find a home for.

        Also it didn't make sense to me to have a rack of screwdrivers up high in the hack room away from all the other hand tools so I just put them in the electronics room and moves the hackspace tool indicators and log book into their place.


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          Awesome work Garret! saw this when i came in on Friday eve, thought it must have been you..big upgrade! thanks for this

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        It's amazing. It was much easier to locate tools I needed the other day. Thanks!


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          Garret, Nick, and I moved the Magazines from the Electronics room to a shelf we brought down from the classroom to in the hall between the HackSpace and the stairway...then moved the test equipment around creating another station with usable work surface, moved the Solder/Hot Air station to this desk, and hooked it up along with the modern oscilloscope, and a computer monitor...also set out a keyboard and mouse for use with it...just need to find a decent desktop computer to work with it...having a computer here should prove useful for referencing schematics, checking datasheets, etc. while soldering/troubleshooting at the station.
          also installed a keyboard tray under the other desk to allow for a computer to be setup there aswell leaving the main worksurface clear and keyboard/mouse free.
          also found a white LED light bulb from the cleaning products shelf and installed it in the desk lamp here, replacing the red Roxanne does not need to put it on...
          also think it will be good to put up some slot board or pegboard on the walls around the new station for quick access essential tool placement...
          so now we have 3 usable soldering stations in the electronics room...think i can smell a solder party coming on...just need to hook up a lil sound system in there now to really get it started :P


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            Wow you really cleaned that desk up!

            I was thinking about those inventory cards of electronic components and all the envelopes and trays that are organized but hard to access info on. Debating using a google sheets document for inventory and then taking on a reorganization. I would like to make it all more accessible and inspire people to take on some electronic projects.