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Proposed rule: no project storage in Electonics room.

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  • Proposed rule: no project storage in Electonics room.

    I would like to propose a new rule for use in the electronics room:

    Zero project storage.

    This room had become a massive clutter over the years, with people's half finished projects cluttering up a collection of useable electronic components that are available for member use. To keep things clean in the future and remove ambiguity as to what is useable I propose that everything be made open for use that is in the room.
    In other words if you have an ongoing project do not leave it in this room in the same way you wouldn't put personal food on grocery store shelves.

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    Agree. Electronics room should be a work space only.


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      Sounds fine to me, but it doesn't affect any of my projects.

      Do we know who has left a project like that in the room?



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        There was an old projector there, an underwater camera of Grant's, a fume fan, and countless bits of electronic "stuff" and half or fully empty boxes. Moving to a tool and component only room removes the ambiguity of "maybe someone needs this so I shouldn't put it away or toss it" that leads to constant accumulation.


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          Some of that was a bit of when the Hack Room was becoming badly overfilled and it began overflowing into wherever we could stash items. I don't even know whose belongings are in that white cabinet in the corner. That stuff has been in there since I signed on in 2016.
          Please keep in mind while cleaning that room that items cannot be stored on the window ledge or on the radiator.