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Electronics Component Inventory

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  • Electronics Component Inventory

    This thread is for maintaining an inventory of electronics components that are open to member use.

    The attached spreadsheet presents a guide to the various components in the numbered dividers inside the electronics room.
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    So I spent tonight going through all the index cards for the various electronic components in bins and envelopes. There will have to be some checking and I know there are lots of little LCD screens and the like that weren't included.

    The goal of all this is to first of all digitize the old records so they are more easily searchable, but also to make this info more easily available to all members and encourage more tech and electronics projects at the space.

    This was all created as a google sheets file originally, and I'd like to open it up to members for editing once I get a handle on share permissions.


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      We have a tonne of these LCD displays, ron_ron has posted some information on them here: https://community.kamloopsmakerspace...fd-and-arduino