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Arduino -- life after Mac OS updat:ments

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  • Arduino -- life after Mac OS updat:ments

    Hi folks, -- especially RonRon & Darren: I recently updated my Mac Airbook OS to Catalina (from something so old I'm embarrassed to name it). Lots of things are working well, but NOT my Arduino programs that run the neopixel lights on my visual art installation -- which I'm due to exhibit in mid-April. The main reason I got on with the upgrade was that I thought some instability in my ancient OS was causing difficulties with uploading the Arduino programs to the Uno. One of my programs (a neopixel bitmap) would verify okay, then either indicate successful upload to the Uno and not run, or refuse to upload claiming that the port didn't exist. Similar story with the other program (a color bleed sketch): it would verify okay, and upload, but sometimes it would run and sometimes not -- mostly not, and I could not figure out what was different between when it did and didn't work except that I had restarted the Mac (which was what made me suspect the Mac OS). Since the OS update, my programs are all listed, but the only one that opens (apart from an empty sketch) is the bitmap, and it won't even verify: the error message is: Error compiling for board Arduino Uno, and below that: loading libs from /Users/lynrichards/Documents/Arduino/libraries: reading dir /Users/lynrichards/Documets/Arduino/libraries: open /Users/lynchichard/Documents/Arduino/libraries: operation not permitted.
    I tried re-downloading the Arduino app, and this produces exactly the same results.
    Does anyone there have any idea what is going on?
    I will come in Wednesday evening if I don't hear from anyone before then, bc you folks have always been so helpful with solving my Arduino problems in the past!