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Fusion 360 how to: Live wooden hinges

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  • Fusion 360 how to: Live wooden hinges

    This one looks cool! Add live wooden hinges to take your design to the next level.

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    After watching this tutorial I am massively hyped! The combination of sheet metal tools, live hinge design and the 3D work environment opens up so many cool possibilities. The work that they do isn't impossible with 2D tools but it isn't nearly as slick. How about doing a cone shape with live edges and the laser cutter? Totally possible!


    • Garret H
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      The tutorial also shows how to use the CAM feature in F360 for creating laser cutter tool paths. There are advantages in doing this if you want to get really right fits of parts and control which side the kerf (width of cut) will be on.

      Overall there are a lot of little tricks in this video that really make it worth watching.