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    Garret H Thank you for the pdf it was a good read. It always fascinates me how technology can reconstruct or modify the human body. Anything from teeth to making limbs and organs.
    Why don't we do both? Have real scanners and DIY scanners?


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      I thought this is cool


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        Thanks ron_ron that video gives a good quick idea of how to use the Kinect scanner for 3D objects.
        It does look like a good solution for larger objects (over 6"x6") where detail and accuracy doesn't need to be super high.

        Photogrammetry has good potential too for larger objects, but seems to be a lot more time intensive.
        Prusa has a good quick video on this. Uses Colmap for the meshing.

        This video on photogrammetry is pretty in depth. It's a big stump that is 3D scanned. In the video he uses 2 free software packages: Meshroom & Blender
        Hunter have you ever tried this? I know you work in Blender quite a bit.

        THIS video is probably the best yet. It does a good job at looking at some different software packages and explains some of the limitations with photogrammetry, and then compares that to structured light scanners:
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          ron_ron this should be right up your alley. Atlas 3D scanner, buy a kit and print your own parts: $239


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            Photogrammetry would be pretty cool to set up... Never done it though seen videos of people doing it effectively with free software... I imagine it would be a bit of a hurdle to set up the software, and beyond my outdated hardware and processing power...


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              Youtube was advertising at me again:
              It's a digital tracing table to create dxf patterns with a pen by tracing out the part. Coo idea, horrendously expensive though. Would be cool to see if there is a more budget friendly alternative....