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FIXED: 9” bandsaw blade snapped.

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  • FIXED: 9” bandsaw blade snapped.

    I was using the 9” bandsaw and the blade snapped.
    I don’t know if there is a replacement blade so I left it without.
    I wrote this in the log book also.

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    Stu installed a replacement blade for this and left a spare blade on the wall.
    Thanks Stu, and thanks Vaughn for letting the woodshop group know!


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      The bandsaw blade was broken again this month. I replaced it and there is a spare in the woodshop.

      To try and get more life out of the blades I replaced the thin one we had with a 3/8 blade, 6 teeth per inch.

      If anyone needs to do fine or tight radius cuts please either use the scroll saw or swap out the band saw blade to the more narrow and fine tooth blade that is there. It's a 3/16" wide and 10 teeth per inch. The back of the package has instructions. Just put the wider blade back on when you are done, this way we can get the most life out of the blades.

      Please keep the spare blades secure to the packaging with a zip tie or something.
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