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Woodshop Fire Escape Stairs

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  • Woodshop Fire Escape Stairs

    As many of you know the fire escape stairs leading up to the woodshop are in dire need of replacement.

    I measured them up last winter, but hadn't the time to finish up the plans right away. I am pretty much there now, see the attached plans.
    We still have to decide what to do with the dirt ramp where the existing stairs land - there is talk that the whole area will be leveled eventually.

    Most importantly we want to get these stairs in before the snow flies, so a big volunteer effort is going to be needed to knock out this project!

    If you want to help please post here, Facebook message me, email me, send me a carrier pigeon - doesn't matter lets just let me know you want to help and we'll get things going!
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    I am willing to help


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      Im in, as well. Ive got truck, etc. Can we chunk out some days for materials pickup, demo, and build?

      Do we need scaff, more ladders?

      Should we prepaint the lumber before assembly, then touch it up? Need oil-based exterior primer and exterior latex.


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        I thought we would do pressure treated and unpainted for the stairs, treads and stringers. Then regular wood for handrails, painting them would be nice.

        I am not set on anything particular.


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          Nicholas Adams Hunter and I unloaded all the wood materials today into the basement.

          It's all stacked and sorted by size and length, with the main materials on the outside and railing in towards the wall.


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            Nice work, as usual Garret - thank you!