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  • Dust Collection System

    We have a plan for a dust collection system. It isn't the ultimate dust collection system but it will do for now. We have a Delta Portable Dust Collector model 50-820C. We plan to wall mount this behind the sander. We want to run piping to the table saw, sander, and CNC router.

    To do this we need the following parts:

    1 @ cloth collection bag, 5" opening
    1 @ 4" to 2" reducer
    3 @ 4" gate valve
    4 @ 4" 90 degree elbow
    30' @ 4" pipe
    9 ' @ 4" flex hose
    6' @ 2" flex hose

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    Awsome Grant, thanks so much! This will make the wood shop so much nicer to work in.
    Is it possible to pick up the chop saw also?


    • Grant Fraser
      Grant Fraser commented
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      We were just going with easy and achievable. Lets see how well this works and then think about improvements in the future.

    • Garret H
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      Ok that sounds fine, one step at a time! I was scheming about a shroud to defect the dust into a trash bin for that saw. Since its not in the plan for dust collection I'll draw something up.

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    If we are going to spend the time wall mounting it, should we look at investing in the unit? I thought Vaughn had been in contact with KMS about supplying one, and had said they were supportive of giving a sizable discount/donation


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      Here is an estimate of the cost to do this job. Anybody want to chip in?


      • Garret H
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        I'll commit to $80.

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      I did some digging and the dust collection bag for the Delta 50-820c has been discontinued. It had a 30 micron cloth bag with a 5 inch opening. The dust collector was rated for only 1 tool at a time and the 30 micron hole size separates out the chips and distributes the dust around the shop. More info in this PDF. Did we want to come up with a custom collection system or did we want to revisit getting a whole system?


      • Garret H
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        1 tool at a time may not be a huge concern.

        What would a custom system entail? Are there cost estimates on alternatives?

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      Here is a 1 micron system sized for our shop. . Its on sale for $629.95. We would still need the pipes and hoses listed above but we would configure them differently.


      • Garret H
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        Will this sized collector allow us to pick up the shop saw and any additional tools? Max tool loading still 1 at a time?

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      The info above is what I need to drop into KMS and see what they can do to help - thanks for the research and itemizing! Ill check into this in the next week and see whats what at KMS.


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        Here are some comparisons:

        .5 HP Delta 50-820 single piece of equipment 500 cfm
        1 HP Dust Collector with Canister smaller shops with one or two pieces of machinery 550 cfm 349.95
        1.5 HP Dust Collector with Canister can provide centralized dust collection for a small shop. 1,280 cfm 629.95
        2 HP Dust Collector with Canister long service life in a medium-sized production shop 1,600 cfm 699.95


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          For the 2 HP we'd get 25% more airflow for only 11% cost increase, which is pretty negligible compared to the total system costs with plumbing. That would be my choice, it would future proof the whole endeavor quite nicely.

          That being said 80 decibels is past the annoying level for any of these, are we going to want to build a rudimentary enclosure for this to reduce the noise?

          Doing a quick scour of the interwebs and found someone who had a similar 2HP DC at +80dB and they did the following:
          "built a closet with staggered 2"x3" studs, drywall both sides and roxul insulation, with the same plan for the door. I was measuring 84 db before, now measuring around 65-67, so from "passing diesel truck" to "(noisy) dishwasher" according to some charts I've seen. Quite pleased, and I think I can probably make it a bit quieter with a bit more care"

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            Good point. 80db is the level where hearing protection is required. Adding tools to that noise level would be headache inducing.


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              Update on the dust collection system: we are currently fundraising for the new system.

              Rob Nowicki has taken on rounding up bottle that members drop off every Wednesday night Hack Night. Thanks Rob! So drink up and bring those bottles on down!

              Vaughn is putting on a sign making workshop using materials that Bill Kind graciously donated to the space. Info on this event can be found here:

              As for the dust collection system itself, we should be able to get a smoking deal on this brand new collector.
              The specs are available on that page.

              It needs a 240V 30A single phase circuit. This shouldn't be difficult, I've spoken with Grant Fraser on this.

              It doesn't have the black barrel or the little collection box under the filters.
              It includes the cyclone itself, the 2 filters, and the motor and impeller stuff at the top.
              On mine the stuff that's in blue in the photo is unfinished MDF.
              It might not have the wall mounting brackets either.

              It needs 8 feet vertically to install.

              The assembly document
              shows the dimensions on page 4

              There should also be 6 blast gates included

              and 3 6-4-4 transitions

              The tentative plan is put place it on a concrete pad outside and built a little enclosure. I am going to inquire on a system to monitor the collection bin.


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                Here is Dave Hylands reply regarding the equipment he is selling (see Garret's info above):

                Hi Vaughn,

                Yes - it is still available.

                The big parts are at my place in Blind Bay, and a bunch of the small parts are with me here in Peachland (I packed up the smaller pieces that fit in a box).

                I can take money via e-transfer, or whatever is easiest for you.

                I'm out of the country this weekend, but I'm back after that.

                If you can wait until the weekend of Feb 9/10 I should be able to arrange a trip up to Blind Bay and pickup the big pieces and bring them to you, along with the small pieces I have here.

                Dave Hylands


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                  Thanks everybody who ran around with tape measures, offered ideas, and helped tidy up the woodshop tonight.

                  The best part is we have what looks like a really workable plan to get the dust collection in and hopefully the fire escape up soon. Vaughn and Nicholas Adams have a list of parts for the main collection ducting. Grant Fraser, Garret H, Bill and...I'm blanking on that tall fellow's name...somebody help me out...put heads together and came up with a plan for the ducting. Vaughn was kind and generous enough to offer a huge amount of anti-static ducting, blast gates, fittings and flex hose which should be enough to run all of the interior ducting to the tools. Garret H will draw up plans for a shed to contain the collector.

                  We have the money raised for the collection system to be purchased from Dave Hylands, that's covered. We still need to raise funds for the ducting, and to build a shed for the collector to live in. Quickly off the top of my head, $300-400 should cover that, perhaps less if we can salvage or have donated materials. Thanks to Rob for the bottles, Bill for the wood, and Vaughn for the sign workshop. Let's keep pushing, we are almost there.

                  We may have a workable set of stairs for a redesigned Fire escape, and we are working on sourcing the rest of the parts. So that may even actually be able to happen in sync which is great news.

                  Nice work everybody. I am so very excited. More to come...


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                    Hi - here is the schematic for the ducting, in 6", 4" and 2" colour coded marker:
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