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    UPDATE JULY 16: More things built and materials put on site.
    UPDATE: We've constructed the walls and base of the dust collector enclosure and it is sitting in front of its final home beside the fab shop ramp.

    Huge thanks to Nicholas Adams (despite a really bad leg injury) and Chainmaildave for putting in a tonne of work last night. I wasn't able to get out there right away myself, so kudos to those two gentlemen for taking the lead.

    We still have some work to do but the good news is that some materials are one site and it's really easy for anyone to just swing by, take on a task and move us further to completion.

    Here is a work breakdown of whats been done, and what's still needed.

    1.0 Dust Collector Enclosure Framing IN PROGRESS
    • 1.1 Base Frame COMPLETE
    • 1.2 Back and Side Wall frames COMPLETE
    • 1.3 Door Frame (Materials on site) COMPLETE
    • 1.4 Roof Frame & Sheeting (Materials on site) See drawing above COMPLETE
    • 1.5 Door Assembly (Materials on site)
    2.0 Dust Collector Enclosure Cladding
    • 2.1 Roof Shingles (Materials on site)
    • 2.2 Wall siding (Cedar siding, materials on site) 50% COMPLETE
    3.0 Dust Collector Enclosure Interior
    • 3.1 Insulation (Sound n Safe, Materials on site)
    • 3.2 Dry wall install (Doubled up 1/2" drywall, green glue sound dampener to be used in between, materials required)
    4.0 Dust Collector Install
    • 4.1 Run 220V power to outside of building COMPLETE
    • 4.2 Install dust collector to enclosure
    • 4.3 Connect power source to motor
    • 4.4 Test operation of DC

    5.0 Dust collector piping
    • 5.1 Run primary duct through wall to DC
    • 5.2 Cut wood shop floor openings
    • 5.3 Install all primary ducts
    • 5.4 Install piping to tools and tie into primary ducts
    6.0 Commissioning
    • 6.1 Run the dust collector
    • 6.2 Breathe clean dust free air and enjoy a massive improvement to the Makerspace!!

    There's still lots of work ahead on this project but with lots of people pitching in and taking on tasks it should be a snap to finish
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      Update July 2:
      Nicholas Adams and metal dojo have been busy nailing siding to the dust collector. That part is about halfway.

      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1517 Click image for larger version

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      I dropped off some 2x4's x 92" long. These are for the doors, Rob's suggestion was to build the doors in 4 pieces with a top and bottom half to keep the weight down. Then to empty the barrel you really only need to open the lower left door. Each 92" can be cut to make 1 door stud and one door plate (horizontal).

      I built the roof frame tonight but didn't have time to put the plywood roof sheeting on. Its sitting in the woodshop.


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        Hey guys.
        FYI, my AMC is stuck in front of the collector for the next week while a new gas tank ships (long story). If you need the car moved give me a shout and I can see if it can be pushed somewhere else.


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          An update ahead of this weeks Maker Monday. The dust collector enclosure is coming together.

          Helping hands are most needed. Other than that it's just a matter of having the materials on hand to build.
          Here is a breakdown of what we'll need:

          I believe Nicholas Adams has these materials:
          - Door hinges x8
          - Roof shingles

          Purchased materials needed: - drywall sheets - sound deadening "green glue" - sound n safe insulation - vapour barrier? - maybe 2x4's for the doors (I did drop off enough 2 weeks ago) - door latch and lock - 1"x2" door flashing - closed cell foam gasket for sealing door

          I can provide more precise quantities on any materials needed


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            Nicholas Adams , Synchro and myself put in some time last night on the enclosure after the board meeting.

            We dropped off a whole bunch of materials to finish up the structure:
            • 2x4's to build the doors
            • Cedar siding for the doors
            • Cedar fascia boards
            • Door hinges (8 in total)
            • Sound N safe insulation (2 bags)
            • Vapour barrier (1 roll)
            • Tar paper (1 roll)
            • Roof shingles
            Then we got to work in what time was left and manged to install the roof plywood and cover it in tar paper, and finish off the opening frame for the door.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	66693612_361951187768832_4374699025933271040_n.jpg
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            Here are plans to build the doors into four identical quarter panels. The GA drawing shows all the clearances. After the door is built some boards should be installed to the face of the door to overlap things and seal it up. Some foam tape will help also.
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